Protect Yourself from a Lay-off

Finding a job and then keeping it is not as easy it was before the world was hit by a recession. And this trend is going to continue for some time before the workers are highly confident that they will not face a lay-off if they continue to strive hard at their careers.

All aspiring job seekers as well as working professionals will find the following tips useful in making sure they do not fall victim to downsizing strategies.

Deliver more than required

Volunteer to do extra work and take keen interest in new assignments and challenges that come your way. This is very effective in making you indispensable for your company.

Give more time to the company

Arrive early in the morning and leave later than the closing time. This will show the employers how committed you are at your work and paycheck is not the only reason why you are here.

Build a good relationship with your boss

This is tough one but has big pay-offs. Keep your boss informed of all activities and do not hesitate to ask for guidance. Also, do your boss’s homework and make him/her look good before others.

Skill development

Continue to enhance your skills and learn new techniques pertaining to your industry. Taking up short courses and attending seminars occasionally will make you a more productive employee and one that will be difficult to replace.

Build a professional network

Develop relationships with working professionals in your field to have access to all current job market trends and other useful information to make you a better worker.

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