Do NOT Lie on Your Resume

Lying, or even “stretching” the truth, is not a good idea when applying for a job. Even though it has been a common practice of most job seekers to lie on their resume or during the interview just to get the job they want, there are many reasons why it must not be practiced at all.

Typical “lies”

  • Lies covering the resume gaps.
  • Lies about achievements in previous job/s.
  • Lies about reasons for quitting previous job/s.

Why lying is NOT a good idea

  • There are huge chances that you will get caught sooner or later. It has become much easier now to find out about a candidate because of the technological advancement and use of cyber space.
  • In case you get caught of lying, there is a likely chance that you will either not get the job, or get fired later on. In either case, it will not be worth it.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers like to invest more time on candidate search especially when hiring for s senior role.
  • Lying will lose your credibility. Honesty and trustworthiness are important attributes for an employee. It will not be a good idea to risk these.
  • If you have been caught lying, you might not be able to get good references from your employer.
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